Who is on the ballot for PA Governor?

Pennsylvania Governor

Description of office: The Governor is the chief executive officer of the Commonwealth, executing the laws of the state through Executive Agencies. A Governor must be at least 30 years old and have been a US citizen and resident of the state for seven years preceding the election. S/he manages the financial affairs of the state and must annually present a balanced budget to the General Assembly. The Governor has extensive appointive powers, may recommend legislation, and signs or vetoes bills passed by both houses of the General Assembly (subject to 2/3 override). S/he is Commander-in-Chief of the state National Guard, except when they are called into the actual service of the United States. The Governor can grant reprieves, pardons, and paroles. The holder of this office may only be reelected once.

Term: 4 years
Salary: $213,026
Vote for ONE.

Info above taken from http://www.vote411.org/ballot

Candidates for PA Governor on the Republican Ballot on May 17, 2022

In ballot order: