Today is Election Day; don’t forget to vote!

In Peggy Grande’s book, The President Will See You Now, she writes, “He (Ronald Reagan) would often brag, with pride that out of all the nations in the world, ours was the only constitution that began with the three simple words, “We the People.”  “Ours,” he would say, “is the only constitution in which ‘We the People’ tell the government what to do, not the other way around.”  This wasn’t just a nicely turned phrase to him; it was a core belief.”

Today is election day, unlike other countries, “we the people” chose our leaders.  Get out and vote for the candidate who best represents the values you want to see in office.

Not sure where to go to vote?  Go to

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2nd Annual KY Derby Party

2018 KY DerbyClick for details

One for you and one to share with a friend

The race is off!!!!  These are the words you will hear on Saturday, May 5th, 2018 at the KY Derby.  Join the PA Ag Republicans for their second annual KY Derby Day Party.  This year’s derby party will be held at 253 Sycamore Lane, Julian, PA; we thank Steve and Jill Stem for the location.

Please click above for  a party invite and reply card.  There are four on the sheet, one for you and three to share with a friend.   Please invite others to come out and spend the afternoon with food, friends, and fun as we watch the race and hear from republican candidates who have been invited to join us.

We are also seeking sponsors (also on the invite and reply).  The PA Ag Republicans are a supporting Pennsylvania agricultural and farm-family values by electing republican candidates and working on legislative issues to advance agriculture.

Last year was a blast; view last year’s event on FaceBook at

We hope to see you at the KY Derby Party; you are welcome to dress KY Derby style (looking forward to the hats).  Please RSVP by April 21st.