On May 17th, who is on the ballot for PA Lieutenant Governor

Pennsylvania Lieutenant Governor

Description of office: The Lieutenant Governor will be elected jointly with the Governor in the General Election although candidates are nominated separately in the Primary. A Lieutenant Governor must be at least 30 years old and have been a US citizen and resident of the state for seven years preceding the election. S/he is President of the Senate, presiding over the Senate but having no vote unless the Senate is equally divided. S/he is Chair of the Board of Pardons and the PA Emergency Management Council. The PA Constitution provides that in case of the death, conviction or impeachment, failure to qualify, resignation, or other disability of the Governor, the powers, duties, and compensation of the office shall be transferred to the Lieutenant Governor for the remainder of the term or until the disability is removed. There are no term limits to this office.

Term: 4 years

Salary: $178,940

Vote for ONE.

Info above taken from www.vote411.org/ballot

Candidates for PA Lieutenant  Governor on the Republican Ballot on May 17, 2022

In ballot order: