PA Ag Republicans support AFF. Please consider joining the Americans for Farmers & Families (AFF) coalition today

A broad-based group of individual farmers and organizations representing growers, refiners, producers, transporters, retailers and consumers have formed Americans for Farmers & Families (AFF), a coalition that will work to ensure President Trump and Congressional leaders have support to preserve and modernize the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).  AFF understands that the food and agricultural sectors support 43 million American jobs and depend on trade with Canada and Mexico.  Under NAFTA, food and agricultural exports have more than quadrupled and account for 25 percent of American exports.  NAFTA has fueled agriculture-related industries’ growth, which in turn has been a driver for creating American jobs.  Today, American food and agriculture supports more than 20 percent of the U.S. workforce and provides more manufacturing jobs than any other sector.  NAFTA has helped keep grocery prices down for all Americans.

As part of this effort, AFF is recruiting coalition members (farmers, individuals in the agriculture community) to help highlight the positive impact of NAFTA for hard-working Americans and to lay the groundwork for an updated trade agreement that preserves America’s strong economic standing for decades to come.  Please consider joining the coalition today by completing the form below and returning the form to Bernadette Comfort at or call at 717.409.4278.

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PA Ag Republicans Active at the PA Farm Show

Many PA Ag Republicans attended Congressman GT Thompson’s Legislative Forum, a non partisan group of congressmen, to discuss the Farm Bill on Saturday.

Monday, the PA Ag Republicans held their annual meeting.

To view happenings at both events, visit the Pennsylvania AG Republican FaceBook page.





PA Ag Republicans Hold Annual Meeting

The Pennsylvania Ag Republicans will hold their annual meeting at the PA Farm Show on Monday, January 8, 2018 at 3:30 pm in the Susquehanna Room of the PA Farm Show Complex; during the Pennsylvania  Farm Show.

PA Governor,  Lieutenant Governor, and  US Senate candidates have been invited to attend. Governor and US Senate Candidates will be given time to speak.    They are encouraged to visit with participates one on one afterwards.

Come out and .support the family farm values PA Ag Republicans represent and become involved.


Join Us to Discuss Agriculture’s Future in Pennsylvania Tomorrow, April 19th, 2017, Harrisburg Capitol

The Pennsylvania Ag Republicans invite those interested in the future of Pennsylvania’s number one industry, agriculture to join them for a call to action on Wednesday, April 19, 2017 at 12:15 pm at the Media Room, East Wing of the Harrisburg Capitol. Members of the agriculture community are coming together to voice their concern about the Governor’s proposed budget affecting the number one industry, agriculture. The Center for Dairy Excellence, Center for Beef Excellence, All American Dairy Show and the Keystone International Livestock Exposition have been “zeroed out” of the 2017 Budget.

There has recently been some “discussions” about having the PA General Assembly open up the PA Agricultural Fair Act of 1986 (P.L.437, No.92) for possible alterations. Quoting directly from the act, Section 2.Declaration of purpose, “ The General Assembly declares that agricultural fairs are a part of Pennsylvania’s rich heritage and the public policy of this Commonwealth should be to continue their contribution to agriculture and agribusiness by encouraging related careers, fostering production and product improvements and promoting increased investments. Agriculture fairs also enrich the life of the community by showcasing agricultural and agribusiness achievements and promoting tourism.”

The PA Fair Act provides funding for the current 109 fairs, county 4-H clubs, local FFA chapters and eleven statewide agricultural organizations.  Pennsylvania has a diverse array of agriculture fairs, from the largest in Crawford County, Bloomsburg and York to the smallest such as Berlin-Brothers Valley and Northeast Fair. All of these fairs have a common denominator; they are the backbone of the community.  These fairs may receive funding through this Act however each one strengthens their community by connecting the agriculture and tourism industries. Fairs are economic drivers for each and every community of the Commonwealth.

Please join the PA Ag Republicans on Wednesday, April 19 for an important discussion in helping our fairs stay an important part of the economy. Now is not the time to have diminished funding of our state’s number one industry.