Poll Workers Needed!

We need your help to ensure that we have eyes on every part of the electoral process.   Next week we have several virtual poll worker information sessions and poll watcher virtual trainings. Please click the buttons below to sign up for either of these so that you can get involved TODAY!
Other Upcoming Trainings:    
4/23 – Delaware County Training – SIGN UP
4/23 – Delaware County Training – More details to come
4/28 – Virtual Training – SIGN UP  
4/30/2022 – Montgomery County Training – More details to come
5/02/2022 – Bucks Training (change of date) – SIGN UP
5/03/2022 – Perry County Training – More details to come
5/05/2022 – Erie County Training – More details to come
5/09/2022 – Beaver County Training – More details to come  
If you have already decided you want to be a poll worker you can fill out the application below!
Lastly, we are continuing to grow our team across the state of Pennsylvania and we need your help to ensure we have free, fair, open, and honest elections. If you want to hold an Election Integrity Training in your county please don’t hesitate to reach out! It is going to take the whole PA Protection Team to get involved and work hard towards November.    We are also hiring staff across the state of Pennsylvania and if you or anyone you know may be interested in working for the PA Election Team please reach out to araffle@gop.com !!

Primary Election verses General Election . . . what is the difference? 

The Spring Primary Election each party choses their candidate to move onto the General Election in the Fall.  In other words, the Republican Primary Election Ballot will only have Republican candidates on it as the Republicans choose the candidate, they wish to nominate for their candidate for the Fall General Election; and the Democrat Primary Election Ballot will only have Democrat candidates on it as the Democrats choose the candidate, they wish to nominate for their candidate for the Fall General Election. 

Some people think they should have a voice on the candidates in the Primary Election even if they are not registered with the party.  That would be like voters in one state choosing candidates in another state; or one school district choosing the candidates for another school district.

If you have a candidate, you feel strongly for, you may switch your party, by completing a voter registration form and marking the change party box.  You may change parties as often as you like. 

Research the candidates, vote for the party candidate who most aligns with your values then Get Out The Vote on May 17th

The General Election will have the nominee, the person who won the each party’s Primary Election, on it and voters at that time can vote for either party. 

On May 18th, we roll up our sleeves and work for the candidate the voters chose to represent our Party and take control in 2023! 

On May 17th, who is on the ballot for PA Lieutenant Governor

Pennsylvania Lieutenant Governor

Description of office: The Lieutenant Governor will be elected jointly with the Governor in the General Election although candidates are nominated separately in the Primary. A Lieutenant Governor must be at least 30 years old and have been a US citizen and resident of the state for seven years preceding the election. S/he is President of the Senate, presiding over the Senate but having no vote unless the Senate is equally divided. S/he is Chair of the Board of Pardons and the PA Emergency Management Council. The PA Constitution provides that in case of the death, conviction or impeachment, failure to qualify, resignation, or other disability of the Governor, the powers, duties, and compensation of the office shall be transferred to the Lieutenant Governor for the remainder of the term or until the disability is removed. There are no term limits to this office.

Term: 4 years

Salary: $178,940

Vote for ONE.

Info above taken from www.vote411.org/ballot

Candidates for PA Lieutenant  Governor on the Republican Ballot on May 17, 2022

In ballot order: