What if my gas petal is stuck?

If Your Accelerator Sticks

If the accelerator (gas pedal) sticks, your vehicle may keep going faster and faster. If this happens:

  • Keep your eyes on the road. You can tap the pedal a few times to see if it will spring back to normal, or you may be able to lift it with your toe, but do not reach down to try to free the pedal with your hand.
  • If the pedal remains stuck, shift to neutral immediately and use the brakes. This will cause your engine to race, but the power will be removed from your wheels.
  • Concentrate on steering and pull off the road when you have slowed down to a safe speed. Stop, turn off the engine, and put on your emergency brake and emergency flashers.

NOTE: As a last resort, turn your ignition to “OFF,” if you need to slow or stop quickly. Do not turn it to “LOCK” because you will lose steering ability. Then, apply your brakes. It will require more effort to steer and brake with your ignition off.

For more information on traffic safety, visit www.penndot.pa.gov/safety.

Safety (pa.gov)