What to do, or not to do on Memorial Day

1. Don’t wish a Veteran a Happy Memorial day. There is nothing happy about the brave men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice. But always be happy to enjoy the freedoms they provided you.

2. It’s not really a holiday. It is a holy day. It’s a remembrance of those who died in combat or in service.

3. When you BBQ, grill or cookout make sure you remember why we have this long weekend. Tell your kids and grandkids why it’s important.

4. Remember its not just about the “heroes” of movie and book fame, it’s also about that private who landed at Normandy, Baghdad, Vietnam, Korea or countless other battlefields large and small and died 2 minutes into his first combat action.

5. If you want to know the true meaning, visit Arlington or your local VA cemetery. Learn the story of why there are coins on the graves.

6. Patriotism is a great thing, show a flag in remembrance, but make sure its a flag of the US not some political movement (BLM, Blue stripe, Rebel flag etc).

7. This weekend is not about you or me. Talk about Chesty Puller, George Patton, John Basilone, Dakota Meyer, Kyle Carpenter, Ira Hayes, Chris Kyle and any other heroes too numerous to name.

8. Keep remembrances, and the real burden for warriors who now stand their post in front of God and history.

9. Say a prayer… and then another.

10. Remember the fallen for all the good they did while they were here.

11. Reach out and let a Vet know you are there, and you care. We are losing too many in “peace time”.