What’s for dinner? Vote President Donald J. Trump on 11/3/2020

President Donald J. Trump supports our farmers and our food supply.  God created animals and plants as a means of fuel for our bodies.  Mr. Biden supports the green deal; which supports lab grown meat.  Lab grown meat is derived using stem cells from an animal’s mucus and muscle tissue; which is then combined with a serum, which usually comes from the fetuses of dead cows.  These cells are fed sugar and salts which trick the cells into thinking they are still an animal.  Over time, the muscle stem cells begin transforming, as they strengthen, expand, and mature into muscle fibers. Eventually, when enough of these fibers combine, you have a piece of meat. Fat tissue may then be added to give the meat a flavor more consistent with traditional meat and then it’s “dinner.”  Sound tasty?  I think not.  Should Biden or Harris become president can you imagine what they would do to our food supply?  The green deal wants to do away with greenhouse emissions and ridding our planet of animals.  God has a plan for everything and animals were put here for a reason.