Congressman GT Thompson gives an update from Congress for the first four weeks of 2015

During the first 4 weeks in the 114th Congress the Republican led House and Senate, has been conducting the Nation’s business by advancing conservative based solutions to the many challenges facing our Country.
In 13 session days since being sworn in, the House of Representatives has past 27 pieces of legislation.
• Approved the Keystone pipeline (with the support of 28 Democrats). Now passed by the Senate and forwarded to the President’s desk.
• Passed the Hire More Heroes Act to make it easier for small businesses to hire veterans without running afoul of Obamacare. Passed unanimously and is currently being marked up by the Senate Finance Committee.
• Reauthorized TRIA and correcting a Dodd-Frank regulation that harmed manufacturers, farmers, and Main Street businesses. Signed into law on January 12 by President Obama.
• Restored the 40-hour workweek and protecting the paychecks of millions of Americans (supported by a dozen Democrats).
• Prohibited taxpayer funding of abortions
• Ensured that Obama-care mandates don’t destroy volunteer fire departments (passed unanimously).
• Restored common sense to financial regulations to help small businesses access capital and grow (with the support of 29 Democrats).
• Expedited the licensing of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) exports both to create jobs and strengthen our national security (with the support of 41 Democrats).
• Streamlined the process for building natural gas pipelines so we can lower energy costs for millions of American families (with the support of 14 Democrats).
• Blocked funds to implement the President’s unconstitutional amnesty.
• Reformed the regulatory process to require agencies to seek public input and adopt the least costly regulations.
• Passed 12 separate bills to combat human trafficking, protect the most vulnerable among us, especially children, and help survivors recover.

I am proud to provide support and leadership for this legislation and look forward to the weeks to come for more Republican-led conservative solutions to the challenges facing our citizens and Nation.

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Congressman GT