Robert DeSousa briefed the PA Ag Republicans on behalf of Senator Pat Toomey


Robert DeSousa spoke representing Senator Pat Toomey.  Senator Toomey was unable to attend the PA Ag Republican meeting, but will be attending the PA Farm show later in the week.  He thanked everyone for their support of Senator Toomey and stated, “ we can’t do it without the rural farm voters.”  He discussed that government needs to stay out of rural farm family lives and let them run their farm and family.  We must strip our zealous regulations.  Colonel DeSousa stated that Senator Pat Toomey has a “Had Enough” place on his website.  When you have had enough and the government is trying order senseless regulations on you, you can log on to this website and click had enough and enter and your thoughts on regulations.  Some of the other topics he discussed included: the biggest budget ever and the national debt (currently $16 thousand billion).