Lt. Gov Jim Cawley addresses group at PA Ag Republican Annual Meeting


Lieutenant Governor Jim Cawley was present and spoke to the group.  He and Governor Tom Corbett are very thankful for everything the PA Ag Republicans have done for the ag community.  One in every seven jobs in Pennsylvania has a link either directly or indirectly to agricultural.  The group was very glad to hear Lt. Cawley report that the inheritance tax, otherwise known as the death tax is now dead in Pennsylvania;   families can focus on improving the family farm rather than focusing on how to pay taxes when a loved one dies.  He also reported that since he and Gov. Tom Corbett took office in 2012 2,000 acres have been preserved through Farmland Preservation.  Those 2,000 acres are on 22 farms in 17 counties.  This program preserves a way of life, not just farming and all Pennsylvanians benefit.  One of the first bills Corbett signed as governor was the PA Preferred; this was very important to him being the emphasis was on products in PA; made in PA makes a difference.  Lt Gov. Cawley spoke on many topics of a variety of items happening in Harrisburg and how it affects the agricultural community; some items of interest were pensions, transportation, PSU, privatizing liquor stores, and privatizing the lottery system.