PA Ag Republican February 2013 Meeting

The PA Ag Republicans will hold a meeting at 3:30 pm on Friday, February 8, 2013 in the Penn Harris room of the Harrisburg Hilton.  All members are encouraged to attend.

This meeting is being held in conjunction with the PA Republican State Committee.  Governor Bob McDonnell will be the special guest at the Lincoln Day Dinner – PA GOP Lincoln Day Dinner

Robert DeSousa briefed the PA Ag Republicans on behalf of Senator Pat Toomey


Robert DeSousa spoke representing Senator Pat Toomey.  Senator Toomey was unable to attend the PA Ag Republican meeting, but will be attending the PA Farm show later in the week.  He thanked everyone for their support of Senator Toomey and stated, “ we can’t do it without the rural farm voters.”  He discussed that government needs to stay out of rural farm family lives and let them run their farm and family.  We must strip our zealous regulations.  Colonel DeSousa stated that Senator Pat Toomey has a “Had Enough” place on his website.  When you have had enough and the government is trying order senseless regulations on you, you can log on to this website and click had enough and enter and your thoughts on regulations.  Some of the other topics he discussed included: the biggest budget ever and the national debt (currently $16 thousand billion).


Congressman GT Thompson gave an update at the PA Ag Republican Annual Meeting


Congressman Glenn (GT) Thompson also addressed the group.  He thanked everyone who supports PA’s number one industry, agricultural, in any way.  He is honored to serve on the Ag Committee for the third term; and also serving on the conservation, forestry subcommittee.  Conservation pays and they are looking at safety nets.  A one year extension was put on the farm bill.  There needs to be more free market and less subsidies.  Eight dollar a gallon milk would crush the market.  There is a need to work on re-authorization of the farm bill and they hope to do so in the first quarter.  There are two main issues with the farm bill, supply and management and food stamps.  Food stamps have increased 275% over ten years and are in the farm bill.  He spoke on taxes and thanked everyone for their support and work.  Mike announced that once again there will be a fundraiser breakfast for GT the Wednesday of Ag Progress Days.

Lt. Gov Jim Cawley addresses group at PA Ag Republican Annual Meeting


Lieutenant Governor Jim Cawley was present and spoke to the group.  He and Governor Tom Corbett are very thankful for everything the PA Ag Republicans have done for the ag community.  One in every seven jobs in Pennsylvania has a link either directly or indirectly to agricultural.  The group was very glad to hear Lt. Cawley report that the inheritance tax, otherwise known as the death tax is now dead in Pennsylvania;   families can focus on improving the family farm rather than focusing on how to pay taxes when a loved one dies.  He also reported that since he and Gov. Tom Corbett took office in 2012 2,000 acres have been preserved through Farmland Preservation.  Those 2,000 acres are on 22 farms in 17 counties.  This program preserves a way of life, not just farming and all Pennsylvanians benefit.  One of the first bills Corbett signed as governor was the PA Preferred; this was very important to him being the emphasis was on products in PA; made in PA makes a difference.  Lt Gov. Cawley spoke on many topics of a variety of items happening in Harrisburg and how it affects the agricultural community; some items of interest were pensions, transportation, PSU, privatizing liquor stores, and privatizing the lottery system.


A letter from Mike Firestine, Chair of the PA Ag Republicans

pa-ag-rep-logo2.jpgJanuary 2013


I hope you and your family had a Merry Christmas and will have a prosper New Year!

The 97th annual Pennsylvania Farm Show is fast approaching.  What an exciting way to start the New Year.  Celebrating agricultural at the PA Farm Show has been a tradition for many families in the keystone state.

Another tradition is the annual meeting of the PA Ag Republicans.  This year’s annual meeting is being held at 3:30 pm, on January 7, 2013 in the Susquehanna Room, in the Farm Show Complex.   Join our guest speaker, Congressman GT Thompson as he gives us his perspective of the Farm Bill and fiscal cliff; GT is a member of the Congressional Agricultural Committee.  Also joining us will be Robert DeSouse, State Director for Senator Pat Toomey, who will update us on what is happening in the US Senate.

The PA Ag Republicans are a group comprised of farmers, ranchers, agricultural industry representatives who have a common interest, good strong government, love of America, farm family values, and a compassion for the number one industry in Pennsylvania.

We as Ag Republicans represent the voice of rural Pennsylvania.  Our legislatures count on us to help them with agricultural issues.  This is why we need groups like the PA Ag Republicans.

We need YOU to be a member of the PA Ag Republicans!  To be a member of the PA Ag Republicans the cost is minimal, but the results of your dues are maximum.  Yearly dues are as follows:

Keystone Member – $50.00

Family Membership – $30.00

Individual Membership – $25.00.

Please join and help promote republican values and address and solve agricultural issues across the state of Pennsylvania.   All checks should be made payable to the PA Ag Republicans.  Please no corporate checks.  Please send your dues to: Mike Firestine, 4520 Conrad Weiser Parkway, Womelsdorf, PA  19567.

The PA Ag Republicans represent Agricultural of Pennsylvania, the true working class.  We look forward to seeing you on January 7, 2013 at 3:30 pm in the Susquehanna Room at the Farm Show Complex.

Sincerely yours,

Michael Firestine, Chairman

PA Ag Republicans